home & living

embrace the space: the art of slow living

Embrace the space:
the art of slow living

Home & Living by neem, , is a balance between many different cultural influences reimagined with Indian textiles and materials. Elements of Boho-chic moods combined with Scandivian influences. The cultivated cultural creativity is the bedrock for the continuous aesthetic appeal across collections and categories.

cushions + shams

Made with nurtured, hand brushed organic wool from the lush Himalayan ranges and the arid desert region of Kutch in western India. The wool is hand spun by craftspeople following ancient traditions.

Uplifted with natural dyes and line stitching embroidery techniques such as Kantha to create designs that bring warmth in minimal stripes, patchwork, materials and earthy textures & colours.

blankets & throws

Specialising in hand brushed wool and handspun cotton, softened by craftsmen, these throws are a lovely element to add layers to any room.

Nature. Nurture. Create

table linen

Made from fabrics woven on traditional looms, these Hand-crafted runners, placemats and delicate cotton linen napkins effortlessly uplift any dining space. Each of these classic linen-blend designs feature charming age old hand techniques such as block prints, embroideries etc. in contrast colors in an attempt to keep the old ways alive.

With collections that are entirely handcrafted in India, neem is rooted in the textile legacy of Shades of India, a parent brand that translates craft traditions for a contemporary audience. neem is minimal, fresh and intuitive, with a unique gentle soul. Seamlessly translating textures of a bohemian-chic aesthetic into clothing, soft furnishings for home & living and accessories.With a strong sense of social responsibility and a belief in championing beautiful Indian fabrics, at neem we work with grassroots organizations and local weavers.

A key element of our aesthetic is the textured layers that celebrate the simplicity and beauty of hand woven textiles. Made with organic cotton, soft and quietly durable. In pleasing colours, subtle kantha embroidery and contemporary quilting patterns.

Sown in a legacy of interpreting hand woven fibres and grown with love, neem is a meditative dance between nature and craftsperson, a reflection of the mind and spirit, resulting in calm, serene, sensual aesthetic. With design that build a closer relationship between us and spaces we inhabit.


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