neem grew out of a desire to create a timeless artisanal lifestyle brand, inspired by the neem tree - rooted, bountiful, raw and restful. We are constantly evolving as we stay true to our values of mindful design.
Our home and clothing collections use indigenous Indian handloom textiles, to offer a raw tactile bohemian romance but with an eye for detail, quality and longevity of use. We celebrate the beauty of rough edges and raw fibres, transforming them into beautiful textiles while they remain in full bodied character in a colour palette of natural dyes, inspired by nature in all its floral elegance.
We extensively use hand spun wool from the nomadic tribes in western India and Northern India, each definitive in their own character, memories, ancient knowledge and a story.
We love what we do, we are passionate in creating connections with the communities we work with, befriending grandfather looms on our journey, we are connected with the textiles as much their weavers. Grounded by the ancient textile traditions and knowledge but taking flight in imaginative designs and textures.